Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Classical Break

"Only one thing is more beautiful to hear than a guitar, and that is two guitars." Frederik Chopin

This weekend's Classical Break features music for the Guitar. Written by Mike Burrows and presented by Rupert Kirkham, the programme takes a look at music written for the world's most ubiquitous instrument.

Most of the music in the programme comes from the birthplace of the guitar we know today - Spain, with compositions by Joaquin Rodrigo (1901-99), Miguel Llobet-Soles (1878-1938), Fernando Sor (1778-1839), Francisco Tarrega (1852-1909), Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909) but we start with a piece by from Argentinian composer, Jorge Gomez-Crespo (1900-1971).

See what you think.

Classical Break, Saturday 0900, Sunday 1500.